Friday, May 3, 2013

Daddy turns 30!

Today was Mark's 30th birthday. If he feels at all uncomfortable with his aging, he isn't letting on. I think he likes it. We had a fun day. Dillon and I spent a week secretly strategizing about the cake. I wanted to make sure it was made of soda and cookies. Dillon wanted to make sure there were sprinkles and candles and fire. You can see in the picture what we came up with. Dillon picked out the hot pink frosting. If you give him a choice, he usually goes for pink. Not sure what that's about. Dillon also insisted that there be birthday hats. So, we made some. He colored, I taped and cut. We actually took more pictures than this, but I edited them on my new laptop without backing them up and lost all but two. Luckily, there is a picture of the cake, and of all three of us in our birthday hats. Unfortunately, I didn't get to shower between gym and cake time, so I look pretty gross.


Britley said...

Your cake is awesome!! I have a little boy who will frequently choose pink too. I just tell all the people who raise eyebrows that I bet Heavenly Father loves pink too. After all, he saved it for some of the prettiest things!

mav said...

That is too funny!! You can't get him to pound the cake, he's so polite about it.
So different than earlier cake experiences!

Elena is watching with me, she loved it!